Saturday, April 08, 2006

Quick Update.

In the end, I did find an apartment (but one between Grammercy and the East Village, not in Harlem). This building is about a century older, and my ceiling isn't much more than seven and a half feet tall. Short as it may be, my apartment is warm, cozy, well-maintained, and only costs about twice as much as I ever imagined paying for a one-bedroom. I have a bed, a desk, a rug, a bookcase, a table, one pot, one pan, an amazing toaster, a matching (borrowed) set of table and chairs, and a fridge stocked with only wine bottles, baking soda, and a Brita pitcher. A very red sofa is on mail-order and due to arrive in a week or two. I'll write more about my efforts to turn house into home, but not now.

I spent three weeks in Australia, a couple weekends in Boston, and one Christmas weekend in Sarasota. Sydney was warm, friendly, and other-worldly (those details will have to wait as well). At the end of May, I'm going to China for two weeks: Honk Kong and Guangzhou. A trip to China has been so long on my "someday, wouldn't it be lovely" list that I'm not sure I'll believe I'm going until I'm there. I do, however, have the tickets. For the fourth of July, I'm hoping to visit family in Oregon.

In the past five months I've worked too much, missed my friends and family, had my camera stolen, and learned much more than I expected. Switching careers is humbling; I no longer know all the answers.

I've considered starting a coffeeshop, a teashop, a flowershop, several different kinds of software companies, an ad agency for podcasters, and a couple of real-estate ventures. I'm too young to know if my itchy feet are just something I need to learn to deal with, or an instinct I should follow.

I went to go see the Mets play the Marlins today, but the game got rained out.

It's good to write again, even if it's simply expository and rather perfunctory. I'll find the funny again soon, I promise. I expect it will arrive when I try to put together my "ready-to-assemble" couch, if not sooner.