Monday, March 14, 2005

Greener Pastures.

Following Big Poo's lead, I'm skipping town and settling down in new photo-sharing digs on Along with the new wallpaper comes a resolve to be more picky about the photos I'm uploading (i.e. no more Jonking), while also uploading higher-resolution pictures. If any of you care. Also, if you've been around our house for a few years, you can't afford not to check out El Jefe's Tnight Greatest Hits album. That's some good memories. Damn I was shaggy on that road trip.

Touristing stories will start going up this evening.


Jeff said...

Geez, man, everything short of hand release on that post. I feel honored. And yet somewhat violated.

Ian Spivey said...

Felt obligated to give you a TrackBack poke. Poke somewhere uncomfortable. I'm going to stop writing now.